Fingerboard Comics by Milan

Fingerboard Comics by Milan

BoneKnucklez™ Fingerboard Comics
for Fingerboarder Magazine

Comics are Dreams powered by ChaosCrew™ Tattoo Studio.

BoneKnucklez Entertainment #2 from FlashBone™ Fingerboard Bags on Vimeo.
SpamConsumer™ Inc. presents
A Bonknucklez™ Entertainment Production
Comic for “Fingerboarder Magazine Issue#2”

Music produced by Mylander for Inferno Records ©2011

“In this crazy department for experimental research, and neurological hand science,
Dr. Earn creates abnormal species and behaviour since years!

In his Laboratory something is always cooking.
These hands are weired zombies. watch out!
How did they teach those hands all the tricks?”

Comics are Dreams powered by FlashBone™ Fingerboard Bags.
One size fits them all! Pack your bags kid!

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Chaos Crew Artist:

Milan Mannthe man of the moment
An expert for typography and illustrated collages. He supports the Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio with unique tattoo designs & individual illustrations. Feel free to contact him if you need a custom skin design or illustration:
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