'Hati' - Illustration by Tatiana Marotta

‘Hati’ Illustration by Tatiana Marotta

‘Hati’ – Acrylic Pen Illustration by Tatiana Marotta

So Sickboy introduced me to the Molotow Acrylic Makers. They are often used in our shop… for efficiently drawing with the vivid colors of acrylic ink, and also for being very practical, as they are easy to use, store, move, etc … Yet, producing rather satisfactory results. The Makers are not cheap, but I have not regretted the investment I made to get my own collection of them. Here are the results on one of my first experiences using the Molotow Acrylic makers on a canvas.

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Chaos Crew Artist:

Tatiana Marotta
Tatiana Marotta
Tatiana Marotta is our Hotshot from Brazil: Plotting her professional Drawing & Tattoo Skills straight onto your skin. She rules both traditional & modern Tattoo Styles, realistic illustrations & marvelous creatures such as unicorns, werewolves and all kinds of legendary freaks & figures. Tatiana is fast & experienced. She will model an unique Drawing for you - just ask her...
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