Owl Tattoo by Luca Limito

Owl Tattoo by Luca Limito

Owl Custom-Made Tattoo Style | Inked by Luca Limito
Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio München (Maxvorstadt)

The Owl is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm in Grimm’s Fairy Tales, number 174: In the story, a horned owl flies into a barn owned by a local at the nearby town. The owl quickly frightens all of the townspeople who try to enter the barn. The same day, a man known for his courage and bravery in warlike skills announces to the populace that they are “all acting like women”. He then ventures into the barn with a spear. The owl hoots at him, and he flees in terror. The townspeople finally come up with the decision to burn the barn down and be rid of the owl forever.

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[C] Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio München

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Chaos Crew Artist:

Luca Limito
Luca Limito
Unser Experte für Farben und Figuren, Realismus, Portraits, Tier-Illustrationen, Aquarell- und Watercolor-Style und vieles mehr. Luca Limito ist studierter Maler und Bühnenbildner. Er absolvierte zwei Kunstakademien und zeichnet entsprechend coole Vorlagen für Dich! Wem normale Tattoos zu langweilig sind, kommt zu einem Künstler! Luca bringt Deine Ideen auf Deine Haut...
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