'Spacejunk' by Milan

‘Spacejunk’ by Milan

The steady accumulation of orbital debris — commonly called “space junk” — are the growing bands of dangerous, fast-moving debris that surround the Earth.
It would be a truly tragic state of affairs if all of humanity’s hopes for a future in space were cut down by too much space junk.
Then again, it should not surprise us that space garbage would come back to bite us in the arse — just look at the garbage problem we created back here on Earth.

In 1965, during the first American space walk, the Gemini 4 astronaut Edward White, lost a glove. For a month, the glove stayed on orbit with a speed of 28,000 km / h, becoming the most dangerous garment in history.
The aim would be to push the debris further towards the earth where it would burn up, or into a higher but safer orbit.
More Drawings coming soon… – Milan

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