Beautiful dotwork rose

The flower is made only with dots, it's a stunning piece of art, and cost a lot of time but the result can be seen! Dotwork works great for simple shapes, pattern or shading, to give the tattoo more structure and make it more interesting, its a nice technic but doesn't work in every style. If you are interested in dotwork, just speak with your tattoo artist and ask him/her if dotwork would be possible.
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Dotwork pattern sleeve

This geometric dotwork sleeve looks stunning. So many dots got used in this mandala to form a sick piece on the back of the arm. Beautifully done and well integrated into the other patterns that run all over the sleeve.
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Dotwork mini

The use of dot work is the cherry on top of this otherwise so clean fine line tattoo. It gives the doorway depth and not only a black inside. The clef is very well integrated into the dots.
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