Rick and Morty, mr. Meeseeks tattoo

"Look at me! I'm Mr. Meeseeks" This coloured tattoo is made to look like a sticker that is sitting on the customer. Our funny but depressing little friend Mr. Meeseeks got tattooed perfectly. The fine lines that shape the sticker with the white outline looks stunning. For the sticker effect, we put a shadow behind the white, to get the effect of sitting above the skin. Nice tattoo that every fan of the show can look at and smile.
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Pretty little Kawaii mermaid

"There is a world where hopes and dreams can last for all time." This pretty little mermaid is well known for her bright red hair. We all know who Ariel is, it's an Disneys classic. This tattoo is combining black and gray in the back of the mermaid with colourful hair beautifully. The red has different tones some more orange than red, that creates a nice shimmering effect. Pretty looking tattoo all in all.
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Not so cute kitty

The usual happy little kitty got enough and goes crazy! This unusual design features some nice strong colours. But not only the cat, but also the spider net in blue as a background is a welcome change of tone. All in all a nice colourful tattoo with a weird twist.
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