Blue new school rose with an eye

This blue rose with the googly eye inside is well done in a new school design. The fades between the colour in the blue and the green are so well done. These are placed to give the piece some shadows, which always help to make the tattoo richer in contrast. This is the reason the rose looks so "3D", because of the clash of the dark places and the highlights.
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colourful newschool eagle

"Eagles don't take flight lessons from chickens." This newschool looking eagle sits perfectly in the hand of our customer. Cool design with the feathers flowing in the air, and some not tattooed skin poking threw in the form of the wind. Cute looking head ad nice colour used in the background.
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Loving Hearts, newschool tattoo

Great saturated colours in this well placed newschool-tattoo. It sits snug on the thigh with a bit of hair going through the clean outline of the background. Nice and simple colours, great custom made new school design.. this makes for a sick Tattoo.
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