Photo realistic dog portrait

This dog got beautifully portrayed in this tattoo. The amber brown eyes, the whiskers on the snout and adorable look make this tattoo sooo adorable. It's a well done recreation of a best buddy. It's stunning how much detail you can pack into a tattoo. The fotoreal tattoos always look beautiful if the right person is doing them, and is a honorable reminder of the thing or person you want to capture.
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Little siblings

"Big things often have small beginnings." The Black and gray realistic Turtles stand out of the brightly coloured Aquarell background, like two worlds beautifully merged together. Watercolour get used often as a background, but most of the time selective throughout the piece. It's nice to see so much watercolour in one place.
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Rising Tiger

"How can u rise if u have not burned." Stunning realistic tiger tattoo. The eyes of the tiger look right back. Beautiful fur structure, you can see every little hair on the animals face. Everything gets framed beautifully with the smoke coming up. Well placed, well detailed, well done!
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