Picassos Don Quixote with watercolour background

"A knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his metal truly tested." Nice looking silhouette of Don Quixote on his horse. You can clearly see all the important things, like the shield or the lance, but in an aesthetic that looks more like the Rorschach test than anything else. The design combined with the watercolour in the back gives the tattoo a nice artsy look. In the background there is a nice balance between each of the colours, but with beautiful transitions between them. That's what makes a good Aquarell tattoo.
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Trash Polka, Roses and Cards

Trash Polka is always a good style of mixing things that you like that normally don't go together so well. As seen here. Playing card symbols got mixed with roses. Besides the colour of the heart, diamond and the roses they don't have much in common, but this striking Trashpolka Style with a bit of Dots and watercolour added converts it into an amazing sleeve of art on our customers forearm.
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Franz Marc’s “Der Tiger”

Franz Marc's painting "Der Tiger", or "The Tiger", is perhaps one of the best examples of his typical style. It is Marc's stunning use of bold yellow and thick black lines that not only separate the great cat from the rocky background, but which also seem to make the tiger almost leap from the canvas.
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